The Parking Lot..
Another view of the Parking lot along with Vysya Bank

Near the Admin block..

The road treaded the most..the path to the sports complex and ground!! πŸ™‚

Electronics dept.

some fundoo artworks in that building..

some things have remained exactly the same..the workshops…

…the gully between the workshops and IEM dept…

IT dept block!! also has ISE block BTW…

This is the Biotechnology block, behind IT dept..

The IT dept entrance again..

This even has a mini amphitheater!!

IT Dept corridor..aint it good?

The most haunted place in RV, the Samadhi!

Behind the Adm block, the next most treaded path..from dept to canteen!!

and presenting the RVCE canteen!! eggjactly as it was when we were in college

the adm and R&D block…

R&D block

ADM block, now the entire 1st floor is dedicated for Placement cell and is huge!

The map when you enter college

some views of the landscape..

Civil dept

Comp Sci.. and check out those direction boards on the left..there are even Guest Rooms present now!!

road towards hostels…

the cricket ground..absolutely no change!

and the co-op society..wonder whats the cost of a blue-book now?

inside the library…magazines thrown around as usual..

more views of library..

we were surprised they actually allowed us to go inside and take pics!

Trivia time: Guess where this tree is located? answer will be provided soon…

the archi block..eyecandy time for the boys!

one more..

the ground near the hostel, they’ve cleared whatever grass was left on that!

the basketball court cum examination centre cum venue for inaugural day cum…

Hostel blocks..

Old MV block

a sneak peek of the boys hostel for the girls!

what a mess!

Chamundi block

Inside Chamundi block

Basketball court..

Cauvery block for the freshers

Inside Cauvery block

The Tree-Bridge, joining Electrical and Electronics depts

grounded again…

and the Sports Complex, the badminton court got a good facelift with its new wooden floor!

The tree which created lots of problems for cricket organizers who had to set some new rules due to that!!

The sports complex!

and this one is just outside Princi’s office… for non-kannadigas, it reads.. “Namaste Saraswati Devi, Rashtreeya Vidyalaya Vasini”.

Some more photos about rvce…

  1. Nice πŸ™‚ But do mention that all these photos are copyrighted!

  2. This is the type of coll which i always dreamt of since my childhood!!!
    awesome πŸ™‚

  3. Point to note: A lot of stuff has changed from what is shown in the pics after the college became autonomous. Could we just say, the college started looking a bit more mature? πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi. I am 2008-2012 batch graduate and would like to thank the maker of this post. It brought too many memories back and I am nostalgic now. Second last photo just cracked me up !! Those dreadful days of filling challans for every single thing. Good old days πŸ™‚

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