• The project was started at the student level in India and the team consists of students from diverse backgrounds like Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science and Industrial Engineering.
  • The main aim of the project is to build a Hybrid Electric Vehicle.
  • The car once completed will participate in the Tour de Sol, an annual competition to be held in USA


As published on Monday, May 23rd, 2011 in Deccan herald.

A group of students from R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, have indigenously developed a fuel (hybrid) system for the Reva electric car. The prototype of this hybrid electric car is names as “Chimera,” said a press release. The group has worked in conjunction with REVA Electric Car Company, National Instruments and Bosch India to conceptualize a fully automated series plug-in a hybrid vehicle.

This concept, the release states, uses an IC engine to charge the batteries, both of which are present on board the vehicle. The batteries are, in turn, used to power a DC traction motor which propels the vehicle. As the onboard engine charges the batteries as well as provides electrical energy for the motor, the distance the car can travel without stopping for recharging of batteries becomes a factor of the fuel on board, hence ranges close to 150-200 km become possible.

The team from both Mechanical as well as Electrical Engineering disciplines consisting of Sujay Karanth, Surya Hegde, Rajiv Hirur, Varun Arya, Yogeshwar Raj, Debarghya Ghosh, Karthik Sivaram and Gurushidappa and their faculty advisor Shanmukha Nagaraj, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, RVCE, have been doing a project for research, prototyping and inventing a hybrid electric motor for automobiles using their own resources and technology. The project has been funded by Michelin Tyres India Limited, RSST and RVCE, the release added.

The team is showcasing “Chimera” at the international event on sustainable automotive technologies ‘Michelin Challenge,’ underway at Berlin, Germany.

Thanks to: a Blog and Deccan Herald

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