Team Helios


  • Founded in 2005, by 11 students of Mechanical Engineering Department, RVCE.
  • Right from its inception in July 2005,the project progressed in leaps and bounds and witnessed the transformation of a dream into reality.
  • One of the first three Indian teams, to have participated in SAE SASOL, South Africa, in 2006.
  • The team has inspired many teams from South India, to participate in the BAJA SAE India’s annual event.
  • Team Helios, previously called, RVCE Mini Baja, was re-established in January 2010 as a small team of 15 students of the Mechanical Engineering Department, RV College of Engineering, Bangalore.
  • With due respect to the Mission of the project, the team has continuously strived hard to achieve higher goals set, year after year.
  • The team is working on an entirely new chassis and development of components to build the vehicle to participate in the forthcoming events.
Team 2011

E-mail: teamhelios.sae@gmail.com

Thanks to : Team helios Blog

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