String Theory

A Firm dedicated to establishing the colligating business in India across various campuses.
Human beings are social creatures. Not even the best of us would survive alone. We are born with an inherent need.. an urge.. to connect, to form tribes & prosper together & to belong.. belong to your nation, your city, your family, your university, your varsity, your gang.

A tribe is never complete without an insignia which the folk proudly flaunt that provides them the sense of belonging.

The genesis of ‘String Theory’ finds its roots in this sense of belonging.

General information
A spirited start-up dedicated to establishing end-to-end colligating solutions across various campuses in India.

We provide on-campus service for all your apparel & article needs (both designing & doorstep-supply), ranging from College Tee-shirts, Batch Tee-shirts, Daily sweats, Mugs to complete apparel & printing solutions for College fests & other meets.

You could rely on us, for the belief that drives India is embedded deep into our basic structure – ‘Value For Money’.

Let our work speak for itself.

Contact us for samples & other details.

+91-9591110396, +91-9986459292, +91-9916008174

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