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AvvEntura’s hill-top trek to Makalidurga on 23rd October 2011

Avventura had organised at day-trek to Makalidurga, a fort-hill 80km north of Bangalore on the Sunday of 23rd October. 83 members of the AvvEntura club had turned up for this tryst with the nature and the historic fort on the hill-top. The AvvEntura Chronicles documents a Travelogue for this event at:

Inception of The RV Photography Club

Photography is a sublime art. Capturing the situation which you can see in front of you might seem to be mundane. But, when a photographic eye sees the same situation, it sees a plethora of details: the depth involved in that scene, the playful grace of the light, the emotion in that scene and other not-so-obvious paradigms that scene presents. Blending all these details in exact proportions, a photographer produces a masterpiece within a blink of an eye. If he fails, the scene that nature presents will be long gone. To appreciate this exquisite talent, The RV Photography Club has been launched by photography maniacs themselves – K Vasanth Kini and Jayanth Manklu, ordinary people just like anyone who’ve set out to do something extraordinary.

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Richard M. Stallman in RVCE

If you are a Computer freak or if you are a quizzy then I’m sure, you know Richard M Stallman. Yes, He launched GNU Project, which led to free software movement. He visited our campus last year. Here is a report. 

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