Guide to paying your fees

This is regarding how to do admission for academic year 2, 3 or which ever.

First of all the admission should be done in college itself (no net banking facility yet), so you gotta come to your beloved college RVCE. The procedure might hardly take 1 hour if you make your entry at an appropriate time avoiding all the breaks (esp. lunch time)

  • Go to Admin block ( for people whose brains have been white washed by 3 months of holidays , its located behind that big building on the right when you enter through the gate)
  • In the last counter tell the cashier that you are here to pay fees. He’ll ask you which year you are in.
  • Assuming you answer correctly, you’ll get one green and one white chalan. He will point towards the A3 sheet glued to glass of his counter. You may get bit confused where to look first. But its fine if you take a bit of time to understand what’s there. All you need to do is fill up those 2 chalans and get it approved by carrier.
  • Then go to the ING Vysya bank. There, towards the left the bank has kept the guy who collects the DD. You might need those Sherlock Holmes skills to detect him coz. he is disguised as an ordinary customer.
  • Details regarding the DD are shown below. You have to pay through two DD’s only. Receive those 1/3rd piece of chalan as a proof of your stay this year (and keep it in a safe place. You never know when these guys suddenly decide that they need you to show those).
  • Go to canteen if open, treat yourself with butterscotch or something. Message your friends that you finished admission, parents later duh…

The  DD details are as follows:

Management and Comedk candidates

INR 125900 in favour of rvcebangalore

INR 14750 in favour of rsstbangalore

For the higher CET crowd

INR 30900 (rvcebangalore)

INR 14750 (rsstbangalore)

For the lower CET crowd

INR 15900 (rvcebangalore)

INR 14750 (rsstbangalore)


There is some confusion regarding the exact amount for 5th and 7th Sem with fees paid to RSST supposedly being Rs 11250. We’ll update this as soon as we get relevant info

General Guide lines

  1. The last date for payment is September 5
  2. DD should be obtained from bank other than ING VYSYA RVCE branch.
  3.   Details of what is to be written behind the DD leaf will be given in that A3 sheet that you find in admin block (pasted to the wall).
  4. The time taken to complete the procedure is expected to increase exponentially with the approach of the deadline (in sync. with RVCE traditions where a majority of students start the procedure of payment on the day of the deadline)
  5. INR=Indian National Rupees and DD stands for Demand Draft (just in case you don’t know)
  6. Enough of reading this tutorial, go and pay the fees now (Trust me, you don’t want to stand in the hot sun/pouring rain  in front of the bank on September 5, ruing your punctuality)

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  1. Love the style of this post…. Great! 🙂

  2. wats wit the higher CET fees and lower 1s..??
    plz elaborate in ur style…:P

  3. Lol that was hilarious!
    Btw, the fee split up isn’t the same for all.
    I paid 11,250 to RSST.

  4. That situation of either higher or lower cet applies only for 2nd year students if I’m not wrong. And yeah INR 14750 only for 2nd year’s… It’s simple, if you had paid 33090 during counselling previous year then you come under higher cet category, or if you had paid 18090 then lower cet category…

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