New College Timings

College Timings for the academic year 2011-2012 are as follows

Start: 9:00 am (I can see a smile of relief from all  students)

End:4:45 pm

Duration of 1 class: 1 hour

Morning Break Time has been extended to 30 mins and Lunch to 45 mins

So if a student has a lab till 1130 am, the break time will extend up to 12pm.

(This information is from reliable sources within campus (a.k.a the staff). All the scared hostelites who were having nightmares of waking up at 5am to attend college at 7AM can continue waking up at 8:55am to attend class. Cheers!)

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  1. So this means the number of classes per day goes down?

  2. Simple Math seems to suggest so!

  3. Makes more sense then the usual , more classes for less amount of time situation

  4. Totally agree with you

  5. so if the class duration is an hour, then how the hell the break will be at 11.30???

    • it may be in different time for different sections…! One section might have it from 11 to 11.30 and another section may be from 11.30 to 12.

  6. I think it wont be a common break for all students…

  7. Class duration being 1 hour is actually bad news for many reasons
    1) There will be a reduce in no. of half days , because the no.of classes taken in each subject is less
    2)Most probably they might introduce coll on Saturdays ( because this has happened before )

    On the Bright side ( For 4th year students esp Mechanical ) : Bunking a day means less attendance problems cause the no. of classes held per day is less 🙂 🙂

  8. I hope your Saturday holidays are not curbed

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