About Us

We are a few young lads of RVCE, intent on sharing everything happening around in campus. A lot of activities which occur in the college, go unnoticed among a majority of students, who do not take the trouble to read each and every single notice board. For those guys, here is the solution.


Objective of the blog:

The primary objective of this blog is to provide an idea about the college and happenings in and around the college.

If you are a RVite and if you want to contribute for the blog, you are most welcome.


All constructive comments and suggestions are also welcomed whole heartily.

Feedback Box:



Though the information provided is reliable to the best of our knowledge, we don’t take any responsibility for any type of consequence caused by it. All the views belong to the respective authors.


© 2011 Team RVCE Updates, Rights are reserved.

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