College Magazine

SPANDANA-RVCE magazine is an annual publication released by the magazine committee. The editorial board consists of Faculty members & students.

This magazine publishes the annual report of all the departments in terms of academic, extra curricular, cultural & social events held during the academic year. The articles written by both staff & students are printed in the magazine. It also contains the report about achievements of students & staff. The authenticate reports submitted by the departments are prominently published in the magazine.

The college started the concept of bringing this annual magazine 30 years back and in academic year 2010-11 we are releasing 32 volumes of the same.

Every outgoing & pre-final year student gets a copy of the magazine for reading. The other students get a copy for reference in Institution / Department Library. The cohesive work done by the editorial board & authors reflects in SPANDANA all these years.

Though the official college magazine is Spandana, Crossroads (published by RVCE Rotaract) and Whatsup! ( published by Raag) are immensely popular

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