8th Mile


8th Mile is a techno-cultural festival organised under the banner of R V College Of Engineering, Bangalore. 8th Mile is  a platform for the students of educational institutions from different parts of India to showcase their talents in the various technical and non-technical events. But more importantly the fest attempts to inculcate in all of the participants a spirit of sportsmanship and friendship. R V College Of Engineering has a tradition of being in the forefront and a trendsetter in all strata of academia, sports and cultural activities. ‘8th Mile’ has been a trade mark of RVCE’s rich and diverse culture.

8th mile 2010

A techno-cultural fest of April had a panorama of events. The themeof the fest was Mythology and it was exceptionally well represented in all or Brochures, invites and souvenir. There were 50 events – 6 technical events, 4 technical workshops, 6 informal events, 8 cultural events, 6 fine arts, 5 literary events, 7 sports and gaming events and 5 kannada events.

The cynosure of this 8th mile are Leaders conclave, Bangalore’s talent hunt (conducted at Garuda mall) and musical evening by Benny Dayal and party. In fact the programmes on each day ended with a musical show by celebrity bands. The total budget was 17 lakhs, out of which the prize money was 5 lakhs. The leadership qualities and the extra ordinary event management capabilities of our students made the festival a grand success.

8th mile 2008

The annual event of 2008 was conducted during March 28 – 30, 2008. About 50 events were conducted under 7 categories (Technical, Cultural, Fine arts, Literary and Business event, Sports and Gaming, Kannada events and Informal events). More than 25 sponsors gave financial support to conduct this big event. More than 25 colleges were actively participated in this fest. The biggest attraction of the fest was the Celebrity shows by Raghu Dikshit and Praveen Godkindi. All RVites were involved in this fest and showed their Unity. The budget of the fest was 16 lakhs.

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