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RVCE got autonomous status under VTU in 2007 and since then RVCE  follows Grading system. At the beginning it was relative grading system. Now it is grading system on a absolute scale. Marks obtained will be converted to equivalent grades. Grades will be given for a scale of 10.

All autonomous colleges, IITs, NITs and universities across the world have this GPA system. In countries like the US, the GPA is calculated out of 4 while in India it is calculated out of 10.

How to calculate your GPA?

This is covered during your orientation sessions held for first year students.

CIE – Continuous Internal Evaluation

SEE- Semester End Exam

Assume your percentage in the exams conducted in various subjects are the following (CIE + SEE):

Subject % of marks scored
Physics 82
Math 97
Electrical 71
Mechanical 89
Civil 56
English 80

These percentages are converted to grades by the following scheme

Grade Grade Points Marks Remarks
S 10 >=90 Outstanding
A 9 >=75<90 Excellent
B 8 >=60<75 Very Good
C 7 >=50<60 Good
D 5 >=45<50 Average
E 4 >=40<45 Poor
F 0 <40 Fail
I Transitional
W Transitional
X Transitional

So your grades and grade points are as follows

Subject % of marks scored Grade Grade Points
Physics 82 A 9
Math 97 S 10
Electrical 71 B 8
Mechanical 89 A 9
Civil 56 C 7
English 80 A 9

Each subject has a weightage associated with it known as credits:

The credits for the corresponding subjects are

Subject No. of Credits
Physics 5
Math 4
Electrical 4
Mechanical 5
Civil 4
English 1

Putting in all the details into 1 table you get:

Subject % of marks scored Grade Grade Points No. of credits
Physics 82 A 9 5
Math 97 S 10 4
Electrical 71 B 8 4
Mechanical 89 A 9 5
Civil 56 C 7 4
English 80 A 9 1

The formula to calculate your GPA is

GPA= ∑ (No. of credits for the subject X Grade Points)/(Total no. of credits)

GPA=( 9X5 + 10X4 + 8X4 + 9X5 + 7X4 + 9X1)/(5+4+4+5+4+1)   -See the last 2 columns of the table



VTU students still quote their scores in terms of percentages. The equivalent GPA to % conversion is done using the formula

% = (GPA-0.75)X 10

%= (8.652-0.75) X10

%= 79.02

Some info:

  1. Do well in subjects which contain labs which have 5 credits
  2. If you see the previous example, if the student had scored an A grade in Civil and a C in English, a quick calculation shows his GPA would have been 8.913 from the earlier 8.652 
  3. A GPA >8.5 is considered to be good in campus
  4. Higher GPA does not imply probability of getting higher pay. The guy who got placed in Microsoft(which paid the highest last year) was a 8 pointer.
  1. dhananjaybhati

    Do you know how to convert RVCE gpa to the US’s 4 point scale ?

  2. Although some qualify for high school credits, they will still be added to your current GPA for your classes unless told otherwise. The best source to figure out your GPA is to go to your middle school counselor to see how and if your high school classes are a separate GPA from your middle school classes. I am going to based the following answer on the basic formula for calculating gpa based on a 4.0 system. It doesn’t matter how long your classes are as that is irrelevant for the type of school you are in now. It will have a factor once you get to college but middle school is so easy. A GPA is the total grade points divided by the earned credit hours. Most college courses are worth 3 credit hours. Most colleges use a 4-point grading scale with 4 being the best (A) and 0 being the worst (F). So, if you earn an A in a 3-credit hour course, you earn 12 points (4 x 3 = 12). To calculate the overall GPA, you add the grade points for each course and divide by the total number of earned credits.
    here is how they do it. so lets say you have 4 classes and and you received 3 A’s and one B. now here is the scale. A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 and F=0 so what you do is you take how many A’s you have and add them up. so 3 A’s would equal 12. 4+4+4= 12. and one B would equal 3. which makes a total of 15. then you divide that number by how many classes you were graded on which would in this case be 4. so 15/4 would equal 3.75 and 3.75 would be your final GPA for those 4 classes.I highly recommended you this online calculator,it have an effective features that helps me a lot,you can also visit this site :

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