The team — Nishant, Bharat, Kayaan, Darshan, Jacob, Gautham, Krishna, and Rakshit



Garuda, a fuel-efficient, aerodynamic car, was designed by the Mechanical engineering students. The car reportedly gives a mileage of 180 kilometers per litre of fuel. Project Garuda members were the only team from India to participate in the Shell Eco Marathon held at Rockingham Raceway, Corby, UK. Project Garuda was awarded the `Most Persevering Team’ award, which is given to the best first-time participant every year.

“This student initiative aims at developing technology to increase fuel economy of commercial vehicles. Despite corporations trying to make eco-automobiles, such vehicles are generally not accepted by the masses,” says Project Garuda team leader Bharat Sharma.

The team worked under the guidance of Dr B Anand, head of the department, mechanical engineering; and Prof R S Kulkarni, department of mechanical engineering, both from the RVCE. The car was unveiled on August 2nd 2008, by ace car designer Dilip Chhabria.

Nishant says that the road to completing this path-breaking project was not really smooth. “It took us around four months to complete the project and we ended up spending nearly Rs 3.5 lakh (Rs 350,000). We got in touch with many mechanics to help us out, but none of them really believed in our project.”

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