Unofficial Prospectus

How to get in – Comed-K is the only exam for the Non-Karnatakans. They can’t appear for the state CET. Fees – 1 lakh+ (check the latest). Counselling is a painful ride – new bumps are added every year.

Why should you come in – because you didn’t do too well in IITJEE/ AIEEE/ BITSAT? Because almost everyone gets placed? Because half of your batch landed here eventually? Careful here. Don’t just walk in because RV is the best college around and you managed to get a good rank in Comed-K or your dad dumped off a truckload of money to the trust. Be prepared to WORK HARD.

It’s not easy at the top. 85% Attendance is
compulsory and enforced. If you fall behind – in attendance or academics – you’ll be penalised – suspension, guardian pressurisation and the worst – EXTRA CLASSES!

Which branch should you take – make the right choice – don’t choose a branch just because it is the ‘in’ thing or it’s a core branch – take what you are really interested in.

Academics – Internals – you’ll sweat, cry and plead but you still won’t get the marks. No free lunches. Mechanical is the coolest branch. Electrical and Electronics is too hot to handle.

Faculty – come on yaar, ever heard of a good faculty? Mixed breed here – the good, bad and the pathetically incompetent.

Fests – about a dozen-odd departmental fests, each a mega event in itself, garnering lakhs… in sponsorship. Good experience and lots of fun.

What to expect –
Geeks – welcome aboard. They’ll love you.

Average Bachchaas –
Paar to ho hi jaaiega. Par bahut ro-dho ke.’

Ambitious Go-getters – if you are one of those people who believe in getting things done, creating opportunities for yourself – this is the place for you. With plenty of like-minded individuals and industrial sponsorships, you can carve out big enough niches for your dreams.

Project Ashwa- http://www.projectashwa.comis one such example. We even have an Enterpreneurship cell and an FM channel.

Extra-curriculars – Plenty to do. Our Debating Society, DebSoc is making waves all over. CARV (Circle of Acting), QuizCorp and RAAG (politics at its worst) are also well known.

Dudes and Babes – Plenty. Just remember it’s the no. 1 college. It’s not difficult to get hooked in Bangalore. Youth flows free in Bangalore’s air. If you are the social type, this is your Mecca. Although ahem, the city’s more than an hour away.

Survival strategy – get a bike, get a girl, splurge and live life your own way. Or – get a computer, spend it on some DVDs, go with the flow and don’t have too many expectations – it’s difficult not to get frustrated. Friends will come in handy – keep them.

The college authorities are merciless. They hate masti and take pride in curbing the freedoms of expression and youth – no cell phones, no Orkut, no liberal marking or attendance, CLASSES ON SUNDAYS (sometimes)- yes, believe it. Count on… your department to schedule classes in your free time.


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