RVites in Bangalore Freshface-2011

6 students from RVCE were selected for the second round of Bangalore Times Freshface-2011 in  the auditions held on the campus on 16th sept. 93  contestants from all over Bangalore are now up for voting to become the Freshface of Bangalore. At the time of writing this article, the vote status of RVCE students was as follows:

1>Shiksha Suvarna-7236

2>Irshad Ahmed-6802

3>Namya MR-1736

4>Vartika Agrawal-723

5>Sagar S Tadale-68

6>Sparsh PV-19

The contestants can be voted by clicking on this link http://www.itimes.com/public_freshface.php?ctype=bangalore  The contestants can be voted by solving a simple maths captcha, and any contestant can be voted any number of times. So go ahead, vote for your favourite contestant!

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