TOI Report on Bangalore Fresh Face 2011 held at the campus

It seems that students will do anything to get a shot at making it big.
They will sing, dance, act, mime, mimic, whistle, laugh and cry.And the students of RV College of Engineering did just that during the Clean & Clear Bangalore Times Fresh Face 2011. In the end, the judges – celebrity long-distance runner Gul Mohammedand RJ Pallavi, of Radio Mirchi, the official radio partner of Clean & Clear Bangalore Times Fresh Face 2011 – had a tough time deciding on the winners.

The auditorium was packed to the hilt and the students showed their college mates immense support by whistling and hooting after every act. PV Sparsh earned brownie points from RJ Pallavi by choosing to sing a Raghu Dixit song: Just Math Maathalli. Sankiran caught the audience by surprise when he whistled the title track of the film Roja through his teeth! Abhilash Kashyap also impressed the judges with his Kannada RJing skills, and Govind Ram Pingali wowed the crowd with his self-composed pop tune. Mohit Gupta did a short skit of life in an engineering college – portraying a serious student in the first year who turns into a very easy-going one in the end. The girls showed great sportsmanship as they danced to various hit English pop songs and a few to Chamak Challo. Of course, the Munnis and Sheilas also made an appearance. The guys were also thrilled to see Pooja Agrawal and Suha Naaz salsa like pros.

While the judges were busy deciding on the winners, Gul got up on stage and gave the students a few tips on self-defence – how to tackle an attacker wielding a knife and a guns. Gul’s session was met with thunderous applause.
The winners of the Bangalore Times Fresh Face 2011 were Shiksha Suvarna and Irshad Ahmed, who were followed by Namya MR and Sagar Tiwari (first runners-up), and Vartika Agrawal and Sparsh PV (second runners-up).

Source: Times Of India. Article is published in today’s Bangalore Times.

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