Survival Guide for first year students

What you should know about RVCE?

  • There is 1 credit for extra curricular activities. So, participate in everything in campus.
  • Any indiscipline in hostel will cause you to be fined Rs 500.
  • Maintain a good working relationship with the hostel/main gate security guards (Please don’t bribe them though).
  • Maintain sufficient money in your bank account. You’ll be requiring to pay your mess bills which will be automatically cut.
  • Start volunteering and getting yourself involved in lots of activities to get yourself noticed among seniors. This is especially helpful if you want to corner posts in clubs.

  • Do not chat on your mobile phones inside campus. If a staff member sees you,  it is sure to be confiscated.
  • Do not keep valuable items in your bag and dump it in the Library rack. Though there are CCTV cameras, it is risky.
  • Indulge in sports, you will never have more free time.
  • Laptops inside the hostel may be confiscated by the warden.
  • Do not smoke/drink alcohol inside the hostel/campus. If you are caught, you will be chucked out and fined.
  • To know how to Calculate your GPA click here.

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