RVCE Student Aritra Paul is one of the winners of the ITC Classmate Ideas for India Challenge

Aritra Paul, a third year Instrumentation Technology student of our college was one of the winners of the ITC Classmate Ideas for India Challenge. Aritra developed a real time bus tracking system for the BMTC. The competition which had partners like CIIITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, WWF-India, Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Janaagraha, Akshaya Patra Foundation etc. was a platform for young students to come out with ideas that could change the nation.

What is it about?

Suppose you want to catch a bus from RVCE bus stop to Majestic. With the help of this technology, if you send an SMS to a particular no. the reply would be something like this

Bus Number: 222E

Current Location: Kengeri bus terminal

Expected time of arrival: 745pm

How does it work? 

Each bus will have a unique ID and be fitted with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device)  tag reader. A lot of RFID tag readers will be put up all over the city. As and when a bus passes a point where an RFID tag reader is placed, the information is passed to a server which dispatches SMSes.

What is the current status of the project? 

BMTC rejected it on the grounds that it would not be favorable to them. They were apparently looking out for a higher revenue model. The initial cost of the installation would be about INR 12 Lacs.

What are the future upgrades possible?

An LED screen at each bus stop providing real time info on all the buses passing through the station

(This report is based on news reports and the info provided on the official website of ITC last December. If anyone knows Aritra, please post a link to the Facebook profile so that we could get contact and get more info on the project)


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